Thursday, September 27, 2018

Montezuma Again!: more file formats

I'm adding 2 new file formats for download.

The first one is a ROM file, in 128KB XEGS Cartridge format, converted by Guillermo "Willysoft" Fuenzalida from Chile, which can be loaded on his 128KB XEGS Repro Cartridges.

ROM file download

The second one is a WAV, an audio file that can be used to load through a tape drive. It is fully compatible with all tape drive models, and it's compressed with Turbo Software Stac Loader. This loader allows you to play a pong version (1 or 2 players) while the game loads. 

The credit for this file goes to Sergio "Dogdark" Marchant, also a fellow member of ATARI CHILE Facebook group, who gently adapted the game to this loader.

WAV file download

Example of Turbo Software loader

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